Experiential Tantra and massage in West LA

Nightingale Temple is an experiential learning space for Tantric massage, yogic arts, and holistic healing. Bodywork sessions and custom-designed personal development programs are hosted from a sensual and curated private residence.


Experiential Tantric arts & Massage

I’d love to get acquainted and learn about your journey. Let’s start simply. Here are a few options.

Tea and conversation in West LA:
If you’d like to get to know me a little before scheduling a session, let’s meet up for coffee or tea at a lovely, low-key spot.
Up to 1 hr, $135

Therapeutic massage & Tantra sessions:
Be seen, loved, and worshipped in ways you’ve never thought possible. Both men and women are welcome and invited into Nightingale Temple—a private, curated space in West LA—to unwind and express conversationally and non-verbally. Sessions begin with talking and Tantra ‘philosophy/practice,’ followed by a Ritual of guided breath work, visualization, and eye-gazing, which calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, and initiates relaxation. I use a soothing blend of long strokes with lighter and deeper pressures, body to body sensations, and structured interactions (‘protocols’) that invite the body and mind into a relaxed and receptive state, where you're more able to access those parts of you that feel safe, loved, connected, and whole.

60 minutes, $300
90 minutes, $400 (recommended first session)
2 hours, $550

Four hands instead of 2. An additional experienced Tantrika and personal friend (of my choice) is invited to contribute her magic to the session.
60 minutes, $550
90 minutes, $750
2 hours, $850

I occasionally work with couples who are very much committed to each other, themselves, and to spiritual adventurousness. I celebrate your connection and love, and hold a safe and pure space for inquisitiveness, exploration, and play. These sessions often serve as a beautiful and safe learning environment on how to give and receive sensual touch and how to be expressive in new ways, and often result in positive shifts in perspective. It can be a very healing experience, especially for the women I work with, both one-on-one and with their male partner.
90 minutes, $700
2 hours, $880

Please reach out if you feel called, and I’ll get back to you within 24 - 48 hours, usually sooner. As a low-volume practitioner, it works best to schedule our time at least a day in advance—however, short-notice bookings may occasionally be possible.

I look forward to connecting.