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Unio Mystica

“...the coming shift will precipitate the end of the age of the individual I and the beginning of the age of the collective We. There are multiple stages in this process, and the first stage concerns a major shift in the frequency of relationships on our planet. The awakening will bring many new phenomena into the world, one of which we have always dreamed of but never yet attained—the ideal of the sacred marriage. The contemporary institution of marriage is an attempt to capture this ideal on the physical plane. However, marriages and relationships until now, even the clearest and purest, have not been able to fully embody the principle of marriage at its highest potential—the actual sharing of the same aura.

In order for the ideal of the sacred couple to exist on the physical plane there must first be a melding of awareness. This is the unio mystica or coniunctio spoken of by the alchemists. Enlightenment or realisation has always been a state that flowers in individuals and, historically, the world has never seen an enlightened couple in its truest sense. We may have seen symbolic examples, and there are certainly couples who have experienced these states together for short periods of time. However, the first stage in the breaking down of barriers between these human forms will be the healing of the yin/yang split between man and woman. The ancestral pressure between the sexes is so vast that it has thus far prevented true melding.

When the first relationships experience dual enlightenment, we will know that the deepest wound of all has finally been healed—the wound symbolised by the division and fall of Adam and Eve. These sacred marriages will have an unbelievable energy field around them—in fact, they will be at the core of whole new communities. Such experiences will herald the end of sexuality as we know it today because the same genetic force that repels the sexes is the force responsible for mating. In other words, the human sexual force will gradually be sublimated into creativity and higher consciousness.”

—Richard Rudd, Author of Gene Keys