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From Agitation to Initiative

On following one’s own path...—”It is a path of heart leading into the heart. Just as the 38th and 39th Gifts (Perseverance and Dynamism) are archetypes of the warrior, so too is the 51st Gift (Initiative). However, this is a different kind of warrior. This has nothing to do with fighting collective fears and it has little to do with Honor. This is the battle with your own fears, and unlike these other two Gene Keys, this battle does not involve a struggle—it involves a leap. The leap into the 51st Gift is a leap into the higher self. It is the shock of awakening from one level of being into another. The 51st Gift is the highest expression of the human competitive spirit. At this level you no longer compete with others but with yourself. Even in the field of competition, you use others as mirrors to reflect your own level of excellence rather than pushing them down so that you might rise higher.”—Richard Rudd, Author of Gene Keys